Author: Artie Kamiya

Countdown to #PEInstitute17: The “New PE” & Our “New PE Teachers”

Three years ago, I had the pleasure to invite some of my favorite elementary physical education friends to share the center stage at the 2014 National Physical Education Institute. Included were three of the biggest names in our business – Dr. George Graham, Dr. Bob Pangrazi, and Jean Blaydes. Rounding out this trio were three younger professionals –  Dr. Guy Le Masurier, Baker Harrell, and a young third year physical education teacher from Canada – Joey Feith (pronounced “fight”).

Each of the keynotes were web-streamed live for the broader physical education community to watch.  Bob Pangrazi ended up with a huge number of off-site viewers (5,900+), Jean was next (5,200+), and George and Guy each had 1,500+ views.  Baker, our lone non-PE person had less than 500 views.  However, Baker’s keynote was probably the most insightful and provided us (in my humble opinion) with what really needs to happen to make physical education a “cause-to-action” in the United States.

The top view-getter turned out to be the youngest person there – third year teacher Joey Feith (now at 6,400+ views).   Think about this for a moment, 6,400+ views is more than the total number of attendees at this year’s SHAPE America Convention in Boston.  Even if there wasn’t any snow!  So what does this mean?  To me, this means that we have entered an entirely new way to be connected to our craft – the Internet!

The 2016 National PE & School Sport Institute: A Resounding Success!

Watch Free Livestream Keynote Video Now! This year we were fortunate to hear five talented individuals share how they view physical education as a part of the whole. Each keynoter shared different ways of thinking that were uplifting, transformational, funny, and inspirational. I have provided a few of my thoughts below on each keynoter with a link to their talks.

Attend the 2016 National PE & School Sport Institute

Collective Intelligence is a term used to describe the shared intelligence of a group or organization “that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and even shared competitions of many individuals.” And that’s precisely what comes to my mind when I think about the 2016 National PE & School Sport Institute! What’s different though, is that unlike the win-lose scenarios we are witnessing in our current American political landscape, the National PE & School Sport Institute is a true “win-win” event for everyone.

Each summer for the past four years, together with several hundred physical education teaching colleagues and school sport coaches, I’ve felt fortunate to personally experience some exciting, motivating, and truly amazing professional presentations and conversations. And it’s been taking place in my state – North Carolina. This gathering – better known as the National PE & School Sport Institute, has become an annual summer trek for teachers and coaches from around the country who identify with the terms #PEGeeks or #PhysEd. In other words, Institute attendees are leaders among the growing breed of connected “physical education wizards” who are sharing and thriving on Facebook, Twitter, Voxer, and other forms of social media.