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December 2017

  • (Ireland) #physed set to become graduation certificate in 2018
  • (IL) #physed teacher reflects on school shooting
  • (Mexico) A Nasty, Nafta-Related Surprise: Mexico’s Soaring Obesity
  • More than half of today’s children are expected to be obese at the age of 35 years
  • The factors that cause obesity to run in families are so powerful that statistics show 80 percent of those born to obese parents will struggle with obesity themselves
  • (IL) #physed teachers Gus Silva & Russell Williams getting students at Richmond ES in St. Charles more interested in healthy lifestyles.
  • (LA) Cyclists travel across Louisiana to promote #physed in schools
  • What is the “State of Play” in 2017. Read trends and developments in the Aspen Institute Report
  • Want a tip on weight loss? Don’t ask Mick Jagger (or other celebrities!) #obesity #physed
  • To excel in youth sports, kids need couch time.
  • (KY) Alison Hawker demonstrates how much teaching P.E. to young children has changed over the years and how important it is. Receives Kentucky AHPERD award
  • (WV) Changes could allow show choir, dance to count as PE in West Virginia.
  • Children’s movies are filled with ‘obesity-promoting behaviour’ as nearly ALL feature unhealthy food
  • (MI) Donors have paid for 33 projects worth more than $15,000 through the crowdfunding site for #physed teacher Jenny Wamsley
  • (IL) Ignoring #physed creates long-term worries impacting students’ physical and academic health says Illinois Education Association
  • Trends in the cardiorespiratory fitness of children and adolescents representing 19 high income and upper middle-income countries between 1981 and 2014
  • Overweight teen girls reported to have higher acne risk

November 2017

  • Don Hellison: Celebrating A Life Well Lived. Share your thoughts on ways Don and his teaching have helped you become a better teacher
  • ‘Scary’ prediction for U.S. kids: 57% could be obese by age 35
  • (CA) California Targets Childhood #Obesity with New Advertisement Regulations
  • #obesity causes type 2 #diabetes, which is a common complication of being #overweight that afflicts more than 30 million Americans and over 400 million people worldwide.
  • Hey #physed #healthed teachers read how “Activity Trackers Don’t Always Work the Way We Want Them To”
  • Physical fitness in children may affect their brain structure. Researchers find association with gray matter.
  • How NOT to Talk to a Child Who Is Overweight
  • Heart disease statistics from more than 45 countries
  • Support SHAPE America’s 50 Million Strong by 2029 commitment by donating $20.29 on Thanks-GIVING Day Tuesday, November 28th
  • New 50 Million Strong Case Studies added. Learn what colleagues are doing to increase physical activity and improve student health.
  • News about #Obesity and #cancer: It just keeps getting worse!
  • (Canada) New guidelines released on physical activity, sleeping habits for children
  • Writer reports PE teachers are thinking outside the gym – Where has she been for past couple is decades?
  • What’s your #PEMinimumSix – six things you think your students should learn in #physed ? Not what they DO but what they LEARN as a result of your instruction. 
  • National Fitness Foundation Brings Innovation to Physical Education with $250,000 in grants NOW available
  • Read about the “Growing Toll of Our Ever-Expanding Waistlines.” The impact of #obesity on cancer, the failures of #doctors & #healthcare and shortened lifespans 
  • Read #physed teacher suggestions for key advice to give novice or student teachers
  • (OK) Vinita fourth-grader dies following physical education class at school. Cause presently uncertain
  • (LA) Grants given to 15 schools to tackle high #obesity rate. Goal is to teach kids more about what they’re putting into their bodies
  • #physed teacher gives the “gift of play” to new immigrant children. Learn more
  • Move over, dodgeball: Chicago schools pump up #physedwith choices
  • Four Ways To Fix Youth Sports Right Now
  • Physicians have been unsuccessful in treating the obesity crisis, here’s why

October 2017

  • (UK) What is really to blame for childhood obesity?
  • (NJ) Gabby Chase at Perry L. Drew Elementary School honored by Senator Cory Booker
  • (NY) PEP grant helps brings nutritional education to Pembroke and Alexander
  • The rising concern of childhood obesity in the whole wide world
  • (GA) Obesity, Hunger: Two Sides of Same Coin in Black Food Deserts
  • Exercise and the Prevention of Depression: Research findings
  • (OH) Small nudges can change lifestyle physical activity
  • (OK) Jumpin’ good time! Schools support AHA with JRFH
  • (VT) School builds new “natural” playground
  • (LA) Drew Brees starting flag football league to ‘save the game of football’
  • This is why child obesity rates have soared
  • (TX) Castañeda PE teacher, gardening advocate recognized as CATCH Champion
  • (Russia) More than 200 children reportedly died during physical education classes in 2016
  • Here’s why US soccer is destined to fail
  • Youth sports industry chewing up kids, parents, bank accounts
  • (NC) Physical education in schools is critical for national security
  • (CO) Too fat to fight: Colorado nonprofit says military threatened by childhood obesity

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  • America’s physical & health educators drive success of LMAS 44% of LMAS schools are being organized by PHE teachers. Are you in?
  • Another fantastic SHAPE America National Convention! Hope you were there. Thanks for your support. PHE America would love to have you share what you learned. Contact us!
  • Mario Reyna is a true SHAPE America 50 Million Strong Champion – Watch the respect from his school board. Be like Mario!(Choose Monday at 3:57 and scroll to about 7:30 minutes of meeting)
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