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PHE America offers several site sponsorship and advertising options. Supporting PHE America is a great way to show your organization’s support for effective physical and health education and share your products or services directly with teaching professionals in North America and beyond.

Banner Advertisement

Banner advertisements are placed on the home page of the site and within the content of each article. This placement is available for $170 monthly. To simplify billing we ask for a minimum of a 3-month commitment. We feature a maximum of 3 different banners at one time. Images appear randomly on the pages. Your banner should be 750px wide by 182px tall and be less than 20K. The image will scale down on mobile devices.

Text Advertisement

A text advertisement is placed at the bottom of each article. The cost is currently $100/month for this very visible and ideal placement. Text should be up to 10 words long and will be displayed with a link of your choosing. To simplify billing we ask for a minimum of a 3-month commitment.

Side Panel Advertisement

Side panel advertisements are displayed on the right side of the website along with a 2-6 word caption. This linked image of your company or product is available for a monthly charge of $70. To simplify billing we ask for a minimum of a 6-month commitment. You are responsible for supplying PHE America with an image sized at 150px wide by 120px tall. The image should be in either PNG or JPG format and less than 10K.

PHE America Newsletter Sponsorship

A digest of PHE America articles and news is mailed approximately every two weeks. PE-News is distributed to approximately 30,000 email addresses in each mailing. By sponsoring the newsletter we will add your company’s name, the nature of your business, and a brief informational piece within each newsletter. The total message should be no more than four lines of text. In this piece we can feature a product or a special that you are currently having. We will also include a link that goes directly to your company’s home page. Each newsletter sponsorship is $60 per issue. To simplify billing we ask for a minimum of a 6-month continuous commitment. A maximum of 3 different sponsorships are available per mailing.


Your support for PHE America is really appreciated. The content of this publication is produced entirely by volunteers committed to promoting quality physical and health education. Thanks again for your support.


Please contact us at pheamerica.sponsors@gmail.com or call 509-607-1775