50 Million – ‘Stronger Together’

This is a follow up to my (Feb. 6, 2017) “50 Million Strong by 2029 –It Starts with Us!” essay.  In that essay, I explained that I had connected a class of Pre-K Head Start students with twelve high school ‘PE Buddies’ in a special 50 Million Strong project – ‘Play, Learn, Grow’.  At that time, we were only a few weeks into our adventure together but had already received many positive comments.

The project ran on Tuesday mornings and into lunch time. These were green shirt days and moments of huge anticipation where young Pre-K students met and spent time with older PE Buddies.  As a result, over the course of this school year, we have become ‘Stronger Together.’

The ‘Play, Learn, Grow’ program was designed so each high school volunteer had one to two Pre K children with whom they were paired (Buddies). High school students helped to facilitate instructional PE lessons involving fundamental skills, integrated curriculum, inclusion, adherence to the school PBIS goals and just plain having fun during physical activity. Special bonds developed between all and these turned routine skill acquisition into magical experiences.


You are invited to view, download, and share with your colleagues and future teachers, presentation information from the national 50 Million Strong by 2029 forum held at the 2017 Boston Convention. There were more than 30 presentations and because each was very short, presenters posted materials online. Wonderful resources to learn more about 50 Million Strong by 2029. Also, be sure to follow and contribute to the conversation about advancing SHAPE America's commitment to prepare students with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and motivation to lead healthy and physically active lives.