The 2016 National PE & School Sport Institute: A Resounding Success!

Watch Free Livestream Keynote Video Now! This year we were fortunate to hear five talented individuals share how they view physical education as a part of the whole. Each keynoter shared different ways of thinking that were uplifting, transformational, funny, and inspirational. I have provided a few of my thoughts below on each keynoter with a link to their talks.


Sarah Gietschier-Hartman is a middle school physical education teacher from Missouri. I was personally blown-away with Sarah’s ability to totally command center stage with her honest and down-to-earth presence.

As one of the many talented members of the online platform PHYSEDagogy, she reflects the very best of the type of young leaders we see in our profession! You can view her entire keynote using this link:

Dr. Greg Dale is the Director of Sport Psychology for Duke Athletics. A former physical education teacher and coach, Greg was able to share his personal thoughts on how PE teachers and coaches can create the optimum climate where students and athletes can strive.

As a seasoned presenter, Dr. Dale’s insights are both practical and challenging. You can view his entire keynote using this link:

2016 Legacy Award Recipients: Dr. Dolly Lambdin and Dr. Rainer Martens. Watch the presentation of this year’s Legacy Awards.

Dr. Martha James-Hassan
is one of the country’s leading experts in urban education, social justice, and why kids get “turned on or turned off” by physical education. You can view her entire keynote using this link:



Jo Bailey
is a high school physical education teacher who walks the talk. Her keynote encourages all of us to help every student to find his or her own “roar” so that more individuals value PE for the better! You can view her entire keynote using this link:


Naomi Hartl
takes us back to her high school basketball world. This is a world of long hours of practice, never-ending effort, and dashed dreams. However, she ultimately re-discovers her real joy. Naomi’s time on the stage is the perfect closing keynote message. You can view her entire keynote using this link:


Shout it Out: Join the Discussion! Do me a favor and watch at least one of the five keynote sessions from start to finish. After viewing it, please share your response in the “Join the Discussion” section at the bottom of this page. Also, if you know any of the five keynoters personally, please send them a “shout-out.” Thanks everyone and see you next year! ~Artie


50 Million Strong Case Studies

Read how your teaching colleagues are showing their commitment to increasing physical activity and bringing good health to their students! Remember - It begins with US (and that includes physical and health educators everywhere!)  


  1. Steve: Thanks for posting! I’d like to encourage every physical education teacher to view one or more of the keynotes and share your thoughts on this website. Thanks!

  2. Artie,
    I watched Jo Bailey last night. Spot on! She was addressing most of my frustrations with being a P.E. teacher. I’ve been doing this now for 30 years at the elementary level. Jo’s opening comments are directly related to how I often feel about my profession and having to defend my space and purpose. Where is 2017’s conference? I feel like I might need to be there. Thank you. I also started to watch Dr. Martha James-Hassan’s keynote but ran out of time.

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