2017 National PE & School Sport Institute Update!

What: 2017 National PE & School Sport Institute
When: July 24-26, 2017
Where: Asheville, North Carolina
Website: NationalPE.com

Just over a month remains before the start of this year’s National PE & School Sport Institute. Registrations are fast filling and the schedule is finalized. Take a look below at the amazing variety of presentation topics and the list of outstanding presenters. This year’s keynoters include Joey Feith, Greg Dale, Jim DeLine, and the entire Team PHYSEDagogy (Adam Howell, Naomi Hartl, Jonathan Jones, Matt Pomeroy, Sarah G-H, Collin Brooks & Jorge Rodriguez).

As always, the most important people at the PE & Sport Institute are the participants – you! This is your opportunity to learn from others, share your own ideas, and have a great time meeting new colleagues and getting together with your teaching and coaching friends in a warm and inviting setting. Earn 15 hours CEU credits. Learn more by visiting our website and also watch film of previous keynoters including George Graham and Jean Blaydes. Don’t miss this fantastic learning opportunity. Register now and join us in July in Asheville, NC for what is guaranteed to be a highlight of your summer.

Breakout Session Preview!  Those of you attending this year’s Institute will be treated to over 50 breakout sessions! They include some of the best-known presenters on the planet who will be presenting the following sessions:

  • Stevie Chepko, Noted Author & Curriculum Expert, Assistant Dean, University of Nebraska and Shirley Holt-Hale, Former National Elementary PE Teacher of the Year, NASPE President, Noted Author, Tennessee: “Practical Assessment of Elementary Outcomes for Physical Education,” “Practical Assessment of Middle School Outcomes for Physical Education,” and “Practical Assessment of High School Outcomes for Physical Education.”
  • Lara Brickhouse, 2017 National Adapted PE Teacher of the Year: “Recreational Activities for ALL Ages”
  • Adam Keath & Company (West Virginia): “Train the Trainer: Building Quality After-School Programs”
  • Adam Metcalf (Illinois): “Sport Education – TgfU Hybrid Models”
  • Jolanda Hengstman (North Carolina): “Adapted PE – Make It-Take It Ideas”
  • Doug Smith (North Carolina): “Creating Inclusive Healthy & Active Schools”
  • Bo Mielczak (North Carolina): “Simple Steps to Fuel Up to Play 60 Success in Schools”
  • Joe Gooden, Heart Zones, Inc.: “Blue, Yellow, Red: Zone Colors in Action!”
  • Charla Krahnke, National High School PE Teacher of the Year: “Coaching & Teaching Success 101,” “Disc Games: Fun & Skills,” “Badminton Bonanza: Teaching for Large Groups”
  • Jeremiah Schwarz, TRI Federation, Connecticut: “TRI: A New Three Team Sport”
  • Crystal Gorwitz, National Middle School PE Teacher of the Year and Victoria Otto, Midwest District High School PE Teacher of the Year: “Have a Ball with Yoga!”

  • Kevin Tiller, Noted Creator of Phys.Ed. Review Website: “Great Games for Grades K-8” and “Why Every PE Program Needs a Projector”
  • Evan Pettyjohn, Georgia: “Creating a Healthy Balance: High School Coaching & Teaching”
  • Alyson Shoaf, Sqair Fitness Solutions: “Forever Active: Moving for a Lifetime!”
  • Jerry Honeycutt, South Carolina: “5 Mistakes to Avoid & 5 Teaching Strategies to Keep on Doing!” and “Are You Ready for Some Modified Skill-Based Football Ideas?”
  • John Dunlop, Michigan: “Fun, Functional Fitness Solutions: Energy In – Energy Outstanding!”
  • Kevin McGrath, Virginia: “Adopt-A-Gym: See How One School Has Helped Raise Over $10,000 for OTHER PE Programs”
  • Adam Gill, Gopher Sports: “ACTION! Team Games with MVPA Assessment”
  • Mario Reyna, National PE Administrator of the Year, Texas: “You Are It: How to Get Your Physical Education Program to the Next Level!”
  • Becky & Mark Foellmer, Illinois: “Breakout EDU – its Time for Something Different for Health & PE!”
  • Benna Cail and Jeanne Byrne, The First Tee: “Youth Development through Golf! The First Tee National School Program
  • Tracy Lockwood, PL3Y International, Canada: “Developing Physical Literacy through Dance,” “Teaching Dance for Understanding: Yes! That’s Dance in PE!”
  • John Smith, Flaghouse & National Elementary PE Teacher of the Year: “Let It Roll!: Activity with Everything that Rolls,” “Jump, Jump, Jump!: Everything Jump Rope & More,” “Strike 3!: Super Active with Striking Skills”
  • Matt Young, Personal Sport Record, Canada: “How to Activate Your Physical Literacy Strategy: The Kids, Sports & PE Connection”
  • Michelle Hillier, The Groove EDGEucation, Canada: “The Athletic Groove: Why Physical Literacy Matters!” “In the Groove: Inspiring Dance with the Body, Brain, and Being!”
  • Pam Powers, Physical Powers LLC and JumpSport: “Circuit Fitness with a Bounce!” and “Bounce, Push and Pull: A Complete Cardio/Strength Workout with JumpSport Fitness Rebounder”
  • Todd Keating, Tchoukball: “Tchoukball: A Scientific Team Sport with a Social Conscience”
  • Sam Elliott, Polar Electro: “Revolutionize Your Teaching with Polar GoFit Heart Rate System!”
  • Lee Spieker, Railyard Fitness: “Up and On the Railyard Obstacle Course: The Exciting and New Exercise Experience!”
  • Reckley, Maximum Fit Club: “Picture This: An Interactive Lifesize Fitness Board Game!”
  • Robert Maiorana: Floorball 4 All: “This is Floorball!”
  • John & Cindy Ditter, Foundational Fitness: “Join the Resistance: Founctional Movement Training for All!,” “Pulling Strength & Movement Assessment Made Simple and Fun!”
  • Naomi Hartl and Patty Lanier, SPARK: “Inclusive PE: Strategies for Including ALL Students,” “Maximizing MVPA in Your Physical Education Class,” “Motivating the Unmotivated: Real Strategies that Work!”
  • Eddie Kovel & Company, Playout LLC: “Playout Fitness Card Games: Why Workout When You Can Playout!
  • Daniel Hatfield: New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race: “Take Walking & Running to the Billionth Level: The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race”
  • Sarah Howard, Everlast Climbing: “Rock Climbing: How to Reach New Heights in Physical Education”
  • Ryan Armstrong, Missouri: “Game Changer: Developing Game Sense by Utilizing the TGfU Instructional Model”
  • Stephen Vaughn, Innovator of Xcel 2 Fitness: “Maxed Out: Creating Fitness for a Lifetime,” “Cultivating Culture in the Gym: Sparking Student Engagement, Confidence, and Achievement!”
  • Steven Groccia, Delaware: “Peer Teaching: Empowering Student Feedback & Active Engagement”

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